Missouri State law prohibits driving while in an intoxicated or drugged condition. Many municipalities in the St. Louis area have criminalized the same conduct but called it Driving under the Influence .

There are two types of laws that will affect the Missouri DWI offender. Criminal law is what most people first think of. The charge of DWI is a criminal charge. The ramifications of a criminal charge are potentially going to jail, being fined, both, or probation. For an outline of the criminal process, please see that section (jump link to criminal law).

Administrative law is the other area of law in a DWI case. Missouri law disciplines people's driving privileges in this arena for a couple of reasons. A breath sample of .08 or greater will result in a license discipline. The length and nature of this discipline varies depending on the individual's past record and other circumstances specific to that individual's record. One's driving privileges will also be disciplined for refusing to take a breath test. This is an area of law that changes often.


One of the first observations made by a police officer to help determine intoxication is a series of physical tests called field sobriety tests. There are a few standard FST's. The one leg stand test requires the individual to stand on one foot without balancing with their arms. The heel to toe test requires one to walk a line and touch your heel to toe each step. Both of these tests require a demonstration of physical prowess that most people are incapable of. Performing these two tests is virtually impossible often times by sober, athletic people.

The law does not require people to take these tests and there is no punishment or license discipline for refusing these tests. The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is an exam of pupil movement. This is the test where the police officer asks you to follow a pen or his or her finger without moving your head. This test bears some opthamological credibility. Just like the other tests, there is no legal ramification to refuse this test.

For an interesting link on FST's go to: The Highway Safety Desk Book

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