Contracts affect us more in our everyday lives than people realize. Just a few of the things that contracts affect are: Employment, Healthcare, Home repairs, Home sales, Credit Cards, Bank Accounts, Auto Purchases Auto Repair, and many more. We get calls all the time from people who bought a home and are unhappy about the condition of the home. These people often want to sue the seller. These are often times very difficult cases to be successful with. However, when people come to us before they finalize their deal we can help them avoid problems. Contract terms are one of the finest examples of "legaleze" that one can find. We will help you understand the impact of every term of the contract and help you negotiate terms that will benefit you. When we draft contracts our goal is to draft a document that accurately reflects the intent of the contracting parties and will survive the scrutiny of a court in litigation.

Contract reviews are also very beneficial in the long run. A review and possible tweaking of a contract that has been presented to you can often times avoid future problems. The attorney fees associated with a review are minimal when compared to the cost and headache of a lawsuit. We would like see you when you are negotiating and drafting a contract, rather than in a lawsuit over a contract that may be slanted against you.

You would be amazed what a good lawyer can do for you in relation to what may seem to be a very simple contract. Call us for a free consultation!

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